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' Billie is a great instructor and is very good at teaching in his own specific way. He is a very nice guy, easy to get along with and would very highly recommend him'

Joshua Kirtley - Bagshot

' Billie kept me relaxed and at ease with his approach to teaching and always answered any questions I had. This helped me to understand and look at things in a way I found easier and I passed my driving test First time with no faults.'

Seb Payne -Heatherside

' from my first lesson with Billie I knew I was in good hands. Always being safe and keeping me supported with his optimism I passed the test first time. Couldn't have done it without him!'

Emily Andreasson - Lightwater

' from my first lesson with Billie he kept relaxed with his humour and clam approach. He always gave me support and other ways do things which helped me. I would definitely recommend him as he helped me to pass first time with just 4minors!

Leanne Holt - Ascot

' Billie is a great instructor and was always encouraging. This gave me a very big confidence boost and helped me to pass my driving test with great ease first time, and only 3 minors!'

Ishan Rana - Farnborough

'When I started lessons with Billie I kept making mistakes and forgetting things. Through talking to him I told him I had dyslexia, not realising it made an impact on this type of learning. Billie helped me with alternative techniques and soon turned things around and I passed thanks to him.'

Egan O'Neil - Frimley Green

'Billie is a great instructor and has helped me gain confidence and pass my test with only 3 minors.'

Ann Stevens - Camberley

'I've had a previous bad experience and was put off from driving for a while. Billie showed me that not all instructors are the same and I passed first time with 6 minors.'

Josh Burrows - Farnborough

'I've really enjoyed my driving lessons with Billie. Brilliant instructor.'

Ellie Thornton - Bagshot

'I liked how Billie kept me calm when I made mistakes and when I felt nervous, but also pushed me when I needed it. I will definitely recommend him to nervous/ first time drivers.'

Amy Wallace - Camberley

'As a parent I was reassured when he told me he was not only going to teach my son to pass his test but also to teach him how to drive safely.'

Mr. Steven Church - Ash